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Is bubblegum casting legitimate

Is bubblegum casting legit
I am 20 years old and I always liked all those nice looking models. I was looking at their pictures while I was growing and my wish was to be like one of them when I grew up. But, I never had the opportunity before, to meet someone who was able to help me. And, I have one more problem – I am a very, very shy girl.
I heard about Bubblegum casting even before I was 18, but I was not sure. I mean, I was expecting to meet professional staff there, but the professionalism was not the only thing I needed.
And, finally I made my decision to go there and try at least to speak with those people. At the very beginning I realized that the company has polite staff and it was a great location. I was looking around and all those people seemed so nice and pleasant. I felt that I was among friends as they made me feel comfortable. I didn’t expected this kind of kindness and I was very surprised. Those people were young, interesting and ready to cooperate. They explained to me that nothing bad is going to happen.
We agreed to take a small number of photos just for the beginning and I was paid before work started for an agreed number of shoots. The photographer was very friendly he told me that together we are going to take some great photos. He showed me how to sit and stand in order to give him the best shot. When I finished I looked over my photos, and in that moment I was delighted. I was looking so pretty and so fresh. I would like to thank Bubblegum casting for making me a model even for a very short time. I would be glad to do this again.